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Access to licensed digital offerings

You can use our licensed resources - databases, e-books, e-journals, e-papers - at all PCs on campus, via the Wireless Local Area Network (W-LAN).
University employees can also use licensed resources (with a few exceptions) from home.

Use of licensed resources at all PCs on campus

You can use our licensed, campus-wide  services on the computers in the partial libraries as well as on the computers in all PC pools.

You can access the computers after you have authenticated yourself as authorized by entering your matriculation number and password.

Access to offers subject to licensing via Wireless Local Aera Network (WLAN)

Secure access to WLAN is provided by Education Roaming (eduroam) at our university and other educational institutions.

Instructions for eduroam WLAN use that apply to members of the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences can be found on the page Instructions-WLAN Eduroam of our  IT-Service-Center.

Access licensed products from home or on the road

Access to most of our licensed resources(databaseselectronic journals and newspapers as well as Springer e-books, among others) from off campus requires access to the university network. Our IT Service Center offers this to members of the university via a VPN connection.
After installing the client program, you can log in with your login data. You can find the program together with more detailed information on installing the client and logging in on the IT Service Center's website Setting up a VPN.
If you have any questions or problems with your VPN connection, please contact the IT Service Center directly.

To use our e-book full texts licensed via ProQuest, university members can set up an account once. They then log in to the ProQuest platform - both within and outside the university's IP address range - using their user name and password, after which they can access the e-books.

You have free access to our e-books licensed through the aggregator Ciando on campus via IP authentication. In order to use Ciando e-books outside the university, a user account is required. As a university member, you can create this account as described in our instructions. Afterwards, you log in to the Ciando platform outside the IP address range of the university with your university email address and password and can then access the e-books.

To access a few parts of our e-book offer, authentication via our library catalog ("Log in" function) with the login data (user number on the StudiCard or guest card or the employee ID of the Ludwigshafen School of Business and Society + password) is required.

Terms of use

When using our electronic resources subject to licensing, please observe copyright law and, in addition, the terms of use of the respective providers.

Help from our IT Service Center:

Setting up a VPN

For further questions, please contact the ...

IT Service Center

E-books from Ciando

To set up a Ciando user account, please see our ...