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Fee schedule of the library of the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen

Use of our library is generally free of charge. There are charges for interlibrary loans, reminders, etc., as follows:

1.Interlibrary loan fees 
 Fee per interlibrary loan request€ 4,50
 Reduced fee per interlibrary loan order for beneficiaries* € 3,00€ 3,00
2.Overdue fines, media replacement, processing fees (valid for all user groups) 
 1st reminder per media unit€ 1,20
 2nd reminder per media unit€ 1,20
 3rd reminder per media unit€ 2,50
 4th reminder per media unit€ 2,50
 Replacement and handling fee per lost or damaged media unit: 
 Invoicing of the value replacement(amount variable according to the value of the
media unit)
 Processing fee for replacement of the media unit by the university library (in addition to the value replacement)€ 5,00
 Handling fee for replacement of the media unit by the user (in addition to the replacement delivered)€ 1,20
 Fee for repair or new procurement, which significantly exceeds the expenditure covered by the aforementioned processing feesup to at € 60,00
3.Postage reimbursement per reminder or notification letter that has to be sent by mail (generally applies to the last reminder)€ 0,85
4.Guest card for persons outside the university€ 20,00

* Beneficiaries are according to the Special Fee Schedule Rhineland-Palatinate:

  • Students
  • Persons performing a service pursuant to Article 12 a of the Basic Law, pursuant to the Military Service Act or within the meaning of the Federal Volunteer Service Act or the Youth Volunteer Service Act
  • School pupils
  • Persons with a degree of disability of at least 50
  • Persons who receive basic benefits for jobseekers under the Second Book of the Social Code, employment promotion benefits under the Third Book of the Social Code or social assistance under the Twelfth Book of the Social Code
  • pensioners and retirees