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Library use and services

The use of the library implies the acceptance of the <link service bibliothek informationen-zur-bibliothek benutzungsordnung.html internal-link internen link im aktuellen>library regulations (only available in German) and fee regulations.

Learning and studying in the library

You will find workplaces at all our libraries, where you can conduct your research and work in a quiet atmosphere and connect your own electronic devices.


To register for borrowing privileges, please bring your EU-ID or passport and visa and fill in the registration form.

Students are asked to present their StudiCards. Non-members of the university receive a guest card in return for the one-time payment of a fee. You need a student ID card or guest card to borrow material from the library.

Borrowing materials

Most items in our holdings may be borrowed. The East Asia Institute Library, however, is a reference library, which means that the material in this collection can only be used in the library.

Students, employees and teaching staff of the university can borrow up to a maximum of 80 items at a time and non-members of the university up to a maximum of 10 items at a time.

Loan periods

The loan period is 28 days. There is a reduced loan period of 14 days for books which have been reserved more than once. The loan period for bound journals is 7 days.

You may consult your https://opac.hwg-lu.de/alipac/XNQEXSOJVQYKWKWTUSMP-00004/bor-infouser accounthttps://opac.hwg-lu.de/alipac/XNQEXSOJVQYKWKWTUSMP-00004/bor-info (Link: Borrower Card) in our online catalogue (OPAC) to see the due dates of the material you have borrowed. Additionally, you will automatically receive a notification by email free of charge reminding you of the due date shortly before an item is due.


Renewals are allowed except in the case of reservations. Students may renew items up to a maximum of five times and non-members of the university up to a maximum of two times.

You can renew items on your own through your user account (Link: Borrower Card) up to three days before the due date. In exceptional cases, renewals can be made by telephone or email.


If you require an item that is on loan (which can be gleaned from the list of copies of the item on the online library catalogue), you may reserve it. Just click on "hold request" in the list of copies and then provide your user number and password in your user account.

Your reservation will simultaneously remove the renewal privilege of the borrower for this particular item.

As soon as the item is returned, you will automatically be notified by email. The item will be kept for you for a period of one week.

Purchase recommendations

What do you do if you cannot find a particular book, DVD, etc. in our holdings or you see that there are not enough copies of an item in our library? You can make a purchase recommendation.

If we are unable to purchase the item you requested, you may borrow it from another library using the inter-library loan service.

Inter-library loans

What do you do if you need literature which is not available in our holdings and cannot be purchased for the library?

Using inter-library loans you can borrow nearly every kind of literature from other libraries, be it books, journal articles or parts of books.

Please note that there are fees associated with the use of inter-library loans. Fees are only payable if the items are actually delivered.

For further information about inter-library loans, please contact one of our library staff members.


The use of the library is generally free of charge. In certain cases, however, fees are charged, particularly for overdue items and interlibrary loans.

Overdue fines can be avoided by renewing items in time or returning them before they become overdue.

The most important charges are as follows:

Interlibrary loans

Fee per interlibrary loan for university members

€ 1.50

Fee per interlibrary loan for non-university members

€ 3.00

Overdue fines

1st reminder per item

€ 1.00

2nd reminder per item

€ 1.00

3rd reminder per item

€ 2.50

4th reminder per item

€ 2.50

Postage costs for each reminder sent by post

€ 0.60

Guest cards for non-members of the university

€ 10.00


In addition to members of our university, people from outside the university who are interested in the subject can also borrow books from us. In order to borrow items, you must accept our user regulations, which regulate the conditions for using our library.

With the following frequently asked questions and our answers, we would like to provide you with detailed information about borrowing media from our library's holdings. Information on borrowing media ordered from other libraries can be found on our Interlibrary Loan page.



Directly to

User account
(Link: Borrower Card in OPAC)


Circulation Rules

Registration form

How do I get a library card?

Our university library is basically open to everyone. Use and borrowing are free of charge. To register, please fill out our registration form.

Members of the university should also present their university ID (StudiCard, staff or lecturer card), which also serves as a library card after registration. Lecturers need a certificate from their own department confirming the duration of their employment, students need a current certificate of study or a current proof that they are still enrolled at the university at the time of registration. Registration is possible for university employees by e-mail if all required documents are scanned on both sides and sent as an attachment.

Non-university members will receive a chip card (guest card) from for a one-time nominal fee of €15.00. To register for borrowing , please bring, in addition to the completed registration form, your valid German identity card or your passport/foreign identity card, together with official proof of your current place of residence (not older than six months).

By registering, you accept the usage regulations of our university library.

Lost ID card - what to do?

If you lose your ID card, please notify us as soon as possible using the following contact information so that we can block your borrowing account:

Central Library Social and Health Services Library
+49 (0) 621/5203-141 +49 (0) 621/5203-511
bibliothek@ 8< SPAM protection, please remove >8 hwg-lu.de bibliothekfb4@ 8< SPAM protection, please remove >8 hwg-lu.de

What can be borrowed?

The majority of our holdings can be borrowed. However, the holdings of the library at the East Asia Institute can generally only be used on site.

As a rule, not borrowable are also ...

  • Loose-leaf collections,
  • journal issues of the current year,
  • bound volumes of periodicals,
  • newspapers,
  • tests (these are handed out to teachers only),
  • media marked with a red adhesive strip or a red signature label (reference holdings), and
  • books from the semester collections.

(Loan) status

For each media unit, you will find information on the current availability of the medium in our catalog under "Status" in the copy data. Here are the different statuses, each with an explanation:

On loanThe media item is currently on loan. You can find the end of the loan period in the copy data , as well as the number of reservations already placed on this title. We are open to suggestions for increasing the number of copies of borrowed titles that are in high demand.
providedThe media unit was reserved for loan and is now available for the person who ordered it at the circulation desk .
You can reserve the copy you have reserved, but it is usually only available again after approx. 4 weeks.
orderedThe item has been ordered for delivery from the bookshop, for example, but has not yet arrived at the library and is therefore not yet available for use .
at the bookbinderThe journal volume or the book in need of repair is currently with the bookbinder.
blocked for useThese items are not library property, are not in the library and are not available for use.
in the circulationThe item has not yet been added to the collection. If you would like to have it reserved for loan, please contact us!
Reference copy,
no loan
Media units with these loan statuses are generally not available for loan or are only available for loan overnight or over the weekend for the duration of a semester.
AvailableThe media unit is located in the open access area, can be taken directly from the shelf, used on site or booked in at the circulation desk and taken away.
MissingMedia with this status have been lost or stolen. If they are found , they are available for use again.
LostThe item has been lost and will be deleted from the collection.

How many media can I borrow at the same time?

Students, staff and teachers are allowed to borrow 80 media units at a time, external users up to 40.

How does the lending process work?

At the circulation desk, the media you would like to take with you will be booked on your loan account with the help of your StudiCard, your employee ID card or your guest card. You will be informed of the loan period. If you wish, you can also receive a loan receipt on paper or an account statement by e-mail.

In the Central Library and in the Social and Health Services Library you will find a self-service terminal. Here you can also book media loans independently during opening hours.

Can I reserve borrowed media for loan via the Internet?

You can reserve borrowed media from the holdings of the university library online via our library catalog for you to borrow. To reserve an item, you must log in to the catalog with your user number and password. You can make a reservation even if you already have one or more reservations for the item you want.

As soon as an item you have reserved is returned, we will notify you by e-mail that you can pick it up and at which of our locations, and we will make it available for you at the respective circulation desk for one week.

How will I know when items arrive at the library for me?

You will automatically receive an e-mail notification if you have provided us with your current e-mail address for storage in your user master data.

What are the loan periods?

As a rule, the loan period is 28 days. Books that have been reserved several times have a shortened loan period of 14 days. Periodicals have a shortened loan period of 7 days.

Reference collections can be borrowed overnight or on a Sunday or holiday from one day to the next day the library is open. To ensure that these media are accessible to users on site, they can only be picked up two hours before closing and must be returned to no later than two hours after opening on the next day the library is open.

For professors of the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen the loan period is half a year. This loan period can be extended once by 28 days. In case of a reservation, the loan period is reduced to 28 days.

For media ordered for you via interlibrary loan from other libraries, the following applies: The loan period is determined by the lending library in each individual case. Usually it is four weeks.

In any case, you can check when you have to return the media you have borrowed in your user account in the online library catalog (OPAC) of the Ludwigshafen School of Business and Social Sciences.

How do I extend the loan periods of the media I have borrowed?

Loan period extensions are possible, provided that the media you have borrowed are not reserved by other users.

Three days before the expiration of a loan period, you can extend it yourself using the User ID function in our online library catalog (OPAC). In the Central Library and in the Social and Health Services Library, you can also extend loan periods at the self-check-out station available there. In justified exceptional cases, you can request extensions by telephone or e-mail.

Is it possible to return borrowed media outside opening hours?

Media units that you have borrowed from the Social and Health Services Library can be returned to the media return box outside of the library's opening hours and within the opening hours of the Maxstraße building 29. For more information, please see our Media Return Box page.

In the Central Library, the return is currently only possible during opening hours or by mail.

Can I return borrowed media by mail?

Yes. However, please note that the shipping risk is yours and you must replace media that is lost in the mail.

When will I incur fees?

The use of the university library is generally free of charge. You will only incur costs in connection with interlibrary loans or as a result of exceeding the loan period. Information about the fees can be found in our feeschedule Fee schedule.

Fees incurred due to illness will be waived if you present a medical certificate.

Since June 2014, library fees can be paid exclusively without cash using the multifunctional electronic chip card(StudiCard, employee ID, guest card) of the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. The card can be recharged at rechargers in the B-building on Ernst-Boehe-Strasse (with banknotes only) and at the cafeteria cash desks in the B-building and on Maxstrasse.

What do I do if a borrowed item is lost or damaged?

If, even after a thorough search, you are unable to find a book or other item that you have borrowed from us, it is best to inform us immediately, as this will help you avoid overdue fines.

As with the loss of a book, you must also pay compensation for severe damage to borrowed media according to the usage regulations.

Since June 2014, media replacement costs can only be paid cashless with the multifunctional electronic chip card(StudiCard, employee ID, guest card) of the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. The card can be recharged at rechargers in the B-building on Ernst-Boehe-Strasse (with banknotes only) and at the cafeteria cash desks in the B-building and on Maxstrasse.

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Interlibrary loan


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