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Bibliothek der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ludwigshafen

Library use and services

The use of the library implies the acceptance of the library regulations (only available in German) and fee regulations.

Learning and studying in the library

You will find workplaces at all our libraries, where you can conduct your research and work in a quiet atmosphere and connect your own electronic devices.


To register for borrowing privileges, you will be asked to fill in a registration form.

When registering students are asked to present their StudiCards and a certificate of study. Non-members of the university are asked to present either their residence permits or German identity cards. Non-members will receive a guest card in return for the one-time payment of a fee. After registration, you will need your StudiCard or guest card to borrow material from the library.

Borrowing materials

Most items in our holdings may be borrowed. The East Asia Institute Library, however, is a reference library, which means that the material in this collection can only be used in the library.

Students, employees and teaching staff of the university can borrow up to a maximum of 80 items at a time and non-members of the university up to a maximum of 40 items at a time.

Loan periods

The loan period is 28 days. There is a reduced loan period of 14 days for books which have been reserved more than once. The loan period for bound journals is 7 days.

You may consult your user account (Link: Borrower Card) in our online catalogue (OPAC) to see the due dates of the material you have borrowed. Additionally, you will automatically receive a notification by email free of charge reminding you of the due date shortly before an item is due.


Renewals are allowed except in the case of reservations. Students may renew items up to a maximum of eight times and non-members of the university up to a maximum of five times.

You can renew items on your own through your user account (Link: Borrower Card) up to three days before the due date. In exceptional cases, renewals can be made by telephone or email.


If you require an item that is on loan (which can be gleaned from the list of copies of the item on the online library catalogue), you may reserve it. Just click on "hold request" in the list of copies and then provide your user number and password in your user account.

Your reservation will simultaneously remove the renewal privilege of the borrower for this particular item.

As soon as the item is returned, you will automatically be notified by email. The item will be kept for you for a period of one week.

Library charges

The use of the library is generally free of charge. In certain cases, however, fees are charged for particular services, such as interlibrary loans and fines apply in the case of overdue materials.

Overdue fines can be avoided by renewing items in time or returning them before they become overdue.

The most important charges are as follows:


Fee per interlibrary loan for university members

€ 3.00

Fee per interlibrary loan for non-university members

€ 4.50

Guest cards for non-members of the university

€ 20.00

Overdue fines:

1st reminder per item by email

€ 1.20

2nd reminder per item by email

€ 1.20

3rd reminder per item by email

€ 2.50

4th reminder per item*

€ 2.50

*Postage costs apply to the fourth reminder


Library services

Purchase recommendations

What do you do if you cannot find a particular book, DVD, etc. in our holdings or you see that there are not enough copies of an item in our library? You can make a purchase recommendation.

If we are unable to purchase the item you requested, you may borrow it from another library using the inter-library loan service.

Inter-library loans

What do you do if you need literature which is not available in our holdings and cannot be purchased for the library?

Using inter-library loans you can borrow nearly every kind of literature from other libraries, be it books, journal articles or parts of books.

Please note that there are fees associated with the use of inter-library loans. Fees are only payable if the items are actually delivered.

For further information about inter-library loans, please contact one of our library staff members.

Citavi reference management program

The Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society has acquired a license for Citavi, the literature management program (www.citavi.com).

Citavi allows you to manage your literature, research in specialized databases and library catalogs, process the content of literature, collect and structure quotations, organize knowledge, draft texts, plan tasks and create automatic bibliographies using the citation style of your choice.

To find out more about Citavi, just use the links below:

Request the license key for the full version (for members of the university)

New software available for all university members!

Corporate license for ...