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Viticulture and oenology

For the search and acquisition of literature and information on topics related to viticulture, enology  and subject-relevant aspects from other fields, we have compiled some tools for you:

Prove library holdings - Procure literature

Online library catalog (OPAC)

You can search our catalog for specific author names, titles or ISBN. To find literature on a specific topic, you can search by keyword.
If a media item you require is currently on loan, you can reserve it online for loan.

You can find e-books in our catalog by adding the keyword e-book to your search terms.
Please note: You can only access the full texts of licensed e-books from off campus by dialing into the campus network via Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can find out more about VPN on our page External access to electronic resources.

If we do not have a desired medium in stock, you are welcome to send us asuggestion for a new acquisition to New acquisition proposal.

More literature on viticultural topics can be found in the specialist library Weincampus of the Dienstleistungszentrum Ländlicher Raum Rheinpfalz (DLR) in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. You can access the holdings of the specialist library Weincampus via  under the menu item "Library catalog of the DLR Rheinpfalz".

Directory of print journals

You have become aware of an essay on business administration and would like to know whether the journal and the specific issue in which the article is located are in the holdings of the university library. - For the area of print journals, it is a good idea to clarify this via our Print Journals page.

For the systematic identification of journal articles on a specific topic, the relevant databases are particularly useful.

Electronic Journals Library

Via our Electronic Journals Library (EZB) you can search a large number of international electronic full-text journals covering all subject areas. You have access to the full texts of e-journals released in the campus network and of e-journals that are generally freely accessible on the web. Otherwise, you often have access at least to abstracts and tables of contents.

Please note: From outside the campus area, you can only access full-text e-journals that are released campus-wide by dialing into the campus network via Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can find out more about VPN on our page External access to electronic resources.

For systematic retrieval of journal articles on a specific topic, please use the relevant databases.

 Detailed information on electronic journals relevant to viticulture and related disciplines can be found further down this page.

Database Information System (DBIS)

Search databases in our Database Information System (DBIS). Via DBIS you can get very good information about the content of the individual resources. As far as databases are unlocked for you to use or are generally freely available on the web, you can access them directly via DBIS.

Please note: From outside the campus area, you can only use databases that require a license and are available campus-wide at   by dialing into the campus network via Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can learn more about VPN on our External Access to Electronic Resources page.

A selection of databases relevant to viticulture and related disciplines is provided further down this page.

Digital Library (DigiBib)

In addition to querying the holdings of our university library, you can use the metasearch of the Digital Library (DigiBib) to simultaneously search in catalogs of the region and union catalogs, among others, via a search mask.

Further resources for finding subject-relevant materials of all kinds (books, data carriers, e-books ...) in the holdings of other libraries can be found on our page Other catalogs.

Interlibrary Loans via the Digital Library (DigiBib)

Books, articles ... that we do not have in our collections can usually be obtained via interlibrary loan. You can find more information about this on our page Interlibrary Loan.

Bibliographic, full text and factual databases

In the following, we have systematically compiled databases that are available campus-wide under license and selected databases that are freely accessible on the web.

In addition to the possibility of accessing the listed databases directly from this page, you will also find links to detailed database information in our database information system (DBIS) as well as to e-learning offers, if available.

Please note: From outside the campus area, you can only access our databases requiring a license by dialing into the campus network via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Wine, viticulture and enology

Important databases with content on wine, viticulture and oenology:

AgrisDBIS Open Access
BiblioVinoDBIS Open Access
BioOne Online JournalsDBISE-LearningDFG-funded national license, campus license
BIOSIS PreviewsDBIS DFG-funded national license, campus license
EBSCOhost eBook CollectionDBISE-LearningDFG-funded national license, campus license
Elsevier Journal BackfilesDBIS DFG-funded national license, Campus license
Food and Nutrition LibraryDBIS Open Access
KTBL calculation dataDBIS Open Access
LIVIVODBISE-LearningOpen Access
OECD iLibraryDBISE-LearningCampus License
Science / Science Classic ArchiveDBIS DFG-funded national license, Campus license
SpringerLinkDBISE-LearningCampus license
Web of ScienceDBISE-LearningCampus license

Use our database information system (DBIS) for information on other databases with content relevant to the subject area of wine, viticulture and oenology that are accessible to you.

Dictionaries, encyclopedias, reference works

Subject portals, virtual subject libraries

  • EU Publications Office (provides Publications of the Institutions of the European Communities and the European Union (EU) & Online services with free access to information on EU law (EUR-Lex), EU publications (EU Bookshop), EU public procurement (TED) and EU-funded research and development (CORDIS))
  • DPMAregister - Official Publication and Register Database (free service of the German Patent and Trademark Office to search for trademarks, designs, patents and utility models)
  • EconBIZ - Virtual Library of Economics and Business Administration (Includes searches in Internet sources, online catalogs and full texts as well as access to information services of libraries).
  • EconPapers (Provides access to all working papers, journal articles, books, etc., published by RePEc, a cooperative, often in full text).
  • Cherry vinegar fly (Drosophila Susukii) Topic portal of the Juljus Kühn Institute (JKI)
    Information about this database can be found in DBIS .
  • OECD iLibrary (portal of online publications of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, provides access to all OECD studies and statistics and can be considered one of the largest online libraries of data and analysis on economics, society and the environment)
    Information on this database can be accessed in DBIS .
  • SSRN - Social Science Research Network Electronic Library (Amer. Papers and journals partly in full text on accounting, economic research, financial  economics, information systems & e-business, legal scholarship, management research, social insurance)
  • Virtual Law Library (access to law-related information on the Internet)
  • Viticulture and Oenology at the Dienstleistungszentrum Ländlicher Raum Rheinpfalz (DLR) with weather, warning service, dates and information on viticulture, onology, wine marketing, plant protection, ...
  • The WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences (Biochemistry, Botany, Parasitology)
  • ZBW German National Library of Economics Leibniz Information Center for Economics (current articles and working papers for free download, search possibility in the online catalog ECONIS, selected current literature on research topics or master theses in ECONIS Select lists)


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