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Copier, printer, scanner

Copy machine and printer

A photocopier is available in the Social and Health Services Library. You can use it to print and copy.

Since June 2014, you can only pay cashless with the multifunctional electronic chip card(StudiCard, employee ID, guest card) of the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. You can top up the "wallet" of your card at the EC-card-cancellers  in the B-building of Ernst-Boehe-Straße and at the cash-canceller (only with banknotes, no change) in Maxstraße as well as at the cafeteria cashiers in the B-building and in Maxstraße.

If the device malfunctions, please contact IT support.


A scanner is available free of charge in the Central Library and in the Department IV Branch Library. You can also access the operating instructions (PDF, 95 KB) directly at the device.

For saving your data you need a USB stick. We also have USB sticks available for borrowing at the circulation desk.


According to § 53 UrhG (German Copyright Act ), you may only use paper copies for private and other personal use. However, digital copies may only be used - beyond private use - for personal, non-commercial and scientific use as well as for your own teaching or examination purposes. You may also not pass on copies or digitally received copies to third parties, either for a fee or free of charge, or make them available to third parties.

For questions please use the ...

IT Support