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Installation and development classification

The subject indexing of the holdings of our university library (in addition to the verbal content indexing with keywords) is done classificatory according to the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK). Accordingly, you can use the system locations of this classification for your research in our online library catalog (OPAC) by entering them there, for example, in the search using several fields in the Notation field (more information on the term Notation on our Library page  from  A  to  Z).

The largely freely accessible media units of the library are systematically arranged according to the RVK at all three locations. Only a small part of our total stock - slightly used older stocks located in the closed stacks of the Central Library - are and remain arranged according to the former systematics of the Central Library or according to the former systematics of the Specialist Library of Social and Health Services.

The system positions of the three classification systems can be found as an element of the systematic arrangement in the signatures on the books and in our online catalog (OPAC).