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We offer you important databases (bibliographic, full-text, and factual databases, among others) that are subject to licensing and are released campus-wide for your use. In addition, you can of course access a variety of resources freely available on the web.

Databases can be conveniently searched via our database information system (DBIS) (e.g. by subject area, type of publication, type of use ...). You can find detailed information about each resource in DBIS and access the databases directly from DBIS. 

From here you have the option to list all campus-wide released or freely web-accessible databases of important subject areas in DBIS:

With the exception of the beck online database, our range of licensed and campus-wide activated subject databases can also be accessed from outside the campus premises. This is possible by dialing into the campus network using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can find more information about this on our page External Access to Licensed Digital Offerings.



Last licensed:
CareLit Complete
The CareLit specialist bibliographic database for nursing and healthcare professions now with full texts!

Directly into the database information system (DBIS):


For many databases, there are tutorial podcasts and other electronic learning aids, which you can use to prepare yourself independently for using the respective resources.
Offers for learning with the support of digital media can be found on our page ...


Databases to which you have access with us within the framework of DFG-funded national licenses:




By the way, ...

... as a student of the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen you can access the databases licensed by the Mannheim University Library on the campus of the University of Mannheim free of charge!
For the use of the Mannheim UB by members of the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen please note our ...

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